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Egypt - Reference Pictures for Creators

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Resolution: 4480x6720px

Number of photos: 1478

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6 months ago

Colossal variety and detail

Whether you need Egypt-specific reference or just want to make a desert or ruins look more interesting, this set will solve most of that. The gallery begins with 100+ pictures each of local museum displays. Some objects get more shots than others, and these by themselves are much higher res and with more angles than other online galleries of museums. Still, these are mostly an appetizer to set the mood and give context to the land you're delving into.

The nitty gritty is over a thousand shots that follow of the pyramids, sphinx, palaces, and more. These are every bit as thorough as you'd want them to be. You get close-ups of the crumbling nooks and crannies as well as their gigantic bricks and statues from several perspectives and distances contrasted with the surrounding landscape and modern buildings to get across their scale. One part's basically an impressive panning shot made of photographs of a pyramid. In here is a large variety of hills, rivers and waterfalls, their plant life as well as ancient ruins captured from the inside out so you can see their murals and carvings.

It all wraps up with a quick walk through the present day streets to another 100+ look through a museum to bookend the virtual tour. And it works. Aside from being terrifically detailed reference, the nearly 1500 photos are well-spent to leave an impression as a glimpse into history. The shots hit different with reminders that they've each been the site of countless lifetimes and stories of their own, not just another recognizable setpiece. A reminder of just how much an artist's intent and presentation can affect visuals including what they'll derive from these.